Sailing and Cruises in Douro and Porto

Northern Portugal is renowned for its spectacular river cruises in the Douro Valley and Porto. Sailing up river or to sea you can appreciate not only the drama and beauty of the landscape but also how sailing has shaped the region's history and culture.

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Cruises on the Douro River

The romantically named Rio Douro (River of Gold) flows from Spain, through Northern Portugal to the Atlantic ocean by the city of Porto. Meandering through the Douro valley, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site, it passes terraced vineyards and orchards, whitewashed villages and eye-catching gorges, canyons and lakes. Cruises on the Douro river are a delightful way to discover this unique landscape while relaxing and enjoying some of the region's famous wines and port! Extended cruises of the Douro river are possible exploring the natural and historical beauties of the river from Porto to Salamanca in Spain.

River Cruises in Porto

Sailing has long been at the heart of life and commerce in Porto, Portugal's second largest city. The city and neighbouring Vila Nova de Gaia perch over the estuary of the Douro river. The cities owe much of their fame and wealth to the Port wine that they have been exporting since the 1600s. As you cruise the Douro river through Porto you can admire the traditional Adega flat bottomed boats used to transport grapes down river, the Port wine lodges and the majestic architecture and bridges of the city itself.

Ocean Sailing in Northern Portugal

Ocean sailors in Northern Portugal can find harbour in Caminha, Viana do Castelo and Povoa de Varzim. Viana do Castelo has long played an integral part in Portugal's maritime history and is a picturesque fishing and sailing town. If you are sailing between Porto and Lisbon then the marina at the Silver Coast town of Nazare is a popular and interesting place to drop anchor. Northern Portugal is also home to the annual BMW regatta, one of the most prestigious international races for amateur sailors and has hosted ISAF championships.

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