Boat Trips and Cruises in Portugal

Portugal Sailing offers a wide variety of boat trips and cruises in Portugal so please contact us for recommendations. There are many fantastic sailing experiences in Portugal and trips to suit all interests and budgets including both private charters and regular group trips. Here are some suggestions for sightseeing and family cruises, romantic sunset and champagne cruises and nature cruises in Portugal, Madeira and the Azores.

Sightseeing and Family Boat Trips

With Portugal's sunny climate and picturesque coastline boat trips have an enduring appeal and a relaxing afternoon on the water can be the perfect holiday experience. We currently offer the following boat trips and cruises in Portugal:

Algarve cruises and boat trips

We have a variety of cruises available in the Algarve leaving from the marinas of Vilamoura, Albufeira, Lagos, Alvor and Olhao amongst others. On these cruises you can explore and photograph the dramatic caves and rock formations along the Algarve coastline or the inlets and islands of the Ria Formosa wetlands. The cruises can include barbecues on deserted beaches or islands, water sports such as wakeboarding, snorkelling, ringo, parasailing and more, fishing or even dolphin watching. With prices starting from just 19 euros for adults, these regular group motor boat cruises are a fun and affordable way to enjoy life of the ocean wave and are justifiably one of the region's most popular holiday activities. We have a variety of craft including fast and exhilarating RIBs, powerful modern motor boats, traditional Algarvean boats and even a pirate ship for the kids! In addition to these cruises you can also charter a motor boat, power boat or sailing yacht for your own exclusive use. Please contact us for suggestions of cruises in your area of the Algarve

Lisbon and Central Portugal Cruises

Sightseeing cruises from Lisbon and Cascais allow you to appreciate the city from a whole new angle with fantastic views of the capital and coast. In addition to these scenic cruises Portugal Sailing also offer dinner and sunset cruises, sea fishing trips from Cascais, dolphin watching cruises from Setubal 45 minutes south of Lisbon and sailing baptisms for those who'd like to get a taste of sailing a traditional yacht. Please contact us for more information on the cruise you are interested in

Cruises in Madeira and the Azores

Some of the most popular boat trips in Madeira and the Azores are dolphin and whale watching cruises. However this is not the only attraction as these islands also have fantastically photogenic coastlines, a variety of fascinating marine life and great fishing so no visit to the islands is truly complete without a trip out to sea.

Please contact us for more information on any of our cruises in Portugal, Madeira or the Azores

Sunset and Champagne Cruises in Portugal

Sunset cruises capture the romance and beauty of the sea as the sunset turns the waves golden and with a glass of champagne in hand they are the perfect way to relax at the end of the day. Sunset and champagne cruises are currently available in the Algarve, Lisbon, Madeira and the Azores. We can also provide dinner on board or at an excellent local restaurant if desired.

Nature cruises in Portugal

Specialist nature cruises in Portugal offer a fascinating insight into the wealth of wildlife that lives off the Portuguese coast. The cruises are accompanied by knowledgeable guides and can play an important role in promoting greater understanding and preservation of nature.

Dolphins and Whales

The Portuguese islands of the Azores and Madeira are recognised as amongst the best places in the world to watch wild dolphins and whales. From these islands we offer dedicated whale and dolphin watching trips and the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins- a truly unforgettable experience. There are also schools of dolphins living off the Portuguese mainland and you can join our dolphin watching cruises in the Algarve or in Setubal 45 minutes south of Lisbon.

Pelagic Bird watching

Portugal also provides important habitats for marine birds. The islands of Madeira and the Ria Formosa nature reserve in the Algarve are two locations where specialist bird watching and nature cruises let you observe many rare and interesting species.

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