Bareboat Yacht Charter in Portugal

Looking for a bareboat yacht charter in Portugal? We have a range of beautiful sailing and motor yachts available to charter from a number of marinas across Portugal.

Bareboat charters are when you hire the yacht without a crew and sail it yourself. So in order to charter a yacht bareboat you must be a licensed and experienced skipper and bring the appropriate documentation and identification with you. It is essential that you discuss your sailing qualifications with us before booking as the Portuguese laws are quite strict. If you are not a licensed skipper you can also charter a yacht with a skipper.

Chartering a yacht for your exclusive use gives you the freedom to travel and explore at your own pace. There are lots of fantastic sailing routes along the Portuguese coastline and excellent marina facilities. We can help you plan your route to make sure you get the most of your time on the water. If you are interested in a bareboat yacht charter in Portugal please contact us with details of the type and size of boat required and the trip you are planning.

If you would like to become a licensed skipper in order to arrange a bareboat yacht charter in Portugal in the future please visit our sailing courses pages.

Featured Boat Rentals

A selection of our boats available for bareboat charters.