Sea Fishing in Portugal

With a strong maritime tradition, sea fishing in Portugal remains integral to the country's culture and diet. Up to 200 different species of fish can be found in Portuguese waters including 450kg (1000lb) marlin so there are many fantastic fishing opportunities. We currently offer reef, sea and big game fishing in Portugal. We can cater for experienced fishermen/women and beginners and family and group bookings are welcome.

Big Game Fishing in Portugal

Big game fishing is very popular in Portugal, Madeira and the Azores and can offer the ultimate fishing thrill. In Portuguese waters you can do battle with a range of big game fish including massive tuna, blue and white marlin, shark, scabbard and swordfish amongst others.

Big Game Fishing in The Azores

From July to late October the gulf stream brings very large marlin and blue-fin tuna to feed in the waters of the Azores. The islands hold six out of ten of the current IFGA men's blue marlin world records and a total of 22 world record catches for different species. As well as these giants there are plenty of other big game fish including white marlin, bigeye and yellow fin tuna, spear fish, swordfish and mako sharks so hopefully you'll go home triumphant!

Big Game Fishing in Madeira

The blue and white marlin season lasts from May to October in Madeira. Very large fish have been taken here and the World Cup Blue Marlin Championship has been won repeatedly by fishermen in Madeira. As well as the marlin, there are albacore, dorado, spear fish, big eye tuna, blue fin tuna, skipjack, amberjack and wahoo ensuring good fishing all year around.

Shark and Big Game Fishing in The Algarve

The Algarve is a popular choice for shark fishing in Portugal. Blue sharks are the most common catch but you can also take Mako and Hammerhead sharks. As the water temperature rises, the marlin come to the Algarve and there are yearly marlin fishing competitions run from Vilamoura marina and Tavira. An IGFA Record Marlin was caught in Tavira in the Algarve. There is also a good variety of other fish to be had including corvina of up to 45kg.

Reef and sea fishing in Portugal

There are excellent sea and reef fishing trips available across Portugal. Popular fishing destinations include Cascais near Lisbon, the Algarve, Sines in the Alentejo and Sesimbra, Peniche and Nazare in central Portugal.

On a typical day out sea fishing in Portugal you might first find bream, sole, grouper and jewfish, then as you head further out you pass over an extension of the continental platform where medium size fish build their nests and swim in big shoals giving you the opportunity to try and catch anchovy, mackerel, sea bream, rock bass, conger eel and spurdog. Finally as you head out towards the open sea there are shoals of tuna, sharks, sawfish and sprat waiting to test your skill!

If you would like to go sea fishing in Portugal you can charter a boat exclusively for you and your companions or join a prearranged group trip. Our experienced local skippers will provide you with insider knowledge, all fishing equipment and bait and if you're a beginner will show you the ropes. Most boats operate a catch and release policy for big game and rarer fish species but you may be able to take other common fish species home for the barbecue! Non-fishing friends or family are welcome and can be tempted along with the promise of fantastic scenery and a sun tan and the possibility of spotting wild dolphins and whales.

We can also arrange carp fishing trips if you prefer to keep your feet on dry land!