Motor Boat Courses in Portugal

Motor boat courses in Portugal for all levels from complete beginners to experienced skippers. If you love power and speed or have ever wanted to learn to handle a motor boat now's your chance!

Portugal is a fantastic location for motor boat courses with its mild, sunny climate, picturesque coastline and modern marinas and with courses starting from just two days they are easily combined with family, sunshine or golfing holidays. Many of our clients choose to take a motor boat course when they realise how quickly they can become qualified to charter and skipper a motor boat exclusively for their friends and family.

Experienced instructors offer training in all aspects of motor boat handling including helmsmanship, engine maintenance, pilotage, navigation, seamanship in tidal waters, coastal and offshore waters. The courses uses high quality, modern motor cruisers, which are both comfortable and easy to handle during basic manoeuvring. Safety is paramount and so the boats are fitted with a full compliment of electronic equipment including GPS, chartplotters and DSC VHF Radio. We can organise the following motor boat courses in Portugal at an accredited training centre where you can gain qualifications that are recognised worldwide.

Beginners' Motor Boat Courses in Portugal

Helmsman Course

This two day course is designed to give beginners an introduction to motorcruising and the boat handling skills you will need to get started. During the course you will learn about the safety equipment on board, how to use it and how to carry out basic safety checks. You will also learn basic boat manoeuvres including starting and stopping, s turns and u turns, leaving and coming alongside, and securing to a buoy. The theory element of the course includes learning who gives way to who, ropework and awareness of other water users. Holders of this qualification can apply for an International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

Day Skipper for Motor Cruising

This 4 day course is an introduction to taking charge onboard a motor cruiser, allowing you to put your basic navigation, pilotage, and boating skills into practice and develop your leadership skills onboard, under the guidance of an experienced and friendly instructor. It is recommended that first you study a shorebased theory course to Day Skipper theory level this could be done in your home country before your holiday or here in Portugal on our 8 day Combined Day Skipper Theory and Practical Motor Cruising Courses.

On the practical course you will improve and practice your motorboating skills including man overboard, picking up mooring buoys, coming along side and anchoring. You will be skippering for the first time, putting the navigation skills you learnt on the Day Skipper Theory course into practice. Upon successful completion of the Day Skipper Practical Course, you will be able to navigate and skipper a small motor cruiser in familiar waters by day. This qualification is usually required when chartering a motor cruiser as skipper anywhere in the world. Holders of the Day Skipper Practical qualification can apply for an International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

Intermediate Motor Boat Courses in Portugal

Coastal Skipper Yacht Master

The Coastal Skipper Certificate of Competence is the logical next step for anyone who has completed the Coastal Skipper Course. A Coastal Skipper should have the knowledge needed to skipper the motor cruiser on coastal passages, by day or night, but they may not have the experience necessary to undertake longer voyages. Exam Preparation Courses are delivered by fully qualified instructors, who are all very experienced in delivering this type of training. The week will comprise of an assessment day when the instructor will informally gauge your strengths and weaknesses. The rest of the week will be spent on improving weak areas in order to best prepare you for the exam.

During the week, you will take command of the yacht on short passages, by day and night. You will be required to navigate in a seamanlike manner, with both efficiency and safety. Your instructor will give you guidance and coaching on boat handling techniques, and how to confidently handle a yacht under sail in a confined space. Examiners expect a high level of expertise, particularly in safety critical exercises such as man overboard, or handling a boat in waves and wash. Your instructor will also ensure that the theory subjects, particularly meteorology, IRPCS, buoyage and passage planning are not new to you. At the end of the course, you will be given an honest debrief, leaving you confident in your own ability, taking the exam if you feel ready to do so. After 3 days the instructor will get off, and an examiner will step onboard to conduct the exam. Each student will be examined on how they skipper the yacht on short passages, and complete various other tasks

Once you are a licensed skipper you may charter one of our motor boats bareboat.

Please contact us for more information on motor boat courses in Portugal. At present courses are held in the Algarve in the south of Portugal.