Power Boat Courses in Portugal

Love all things fast and furious? We can arrange power boat courses in Portugal for beginners and experienced skippers. Power boats are not only exhilarating and fun but they are comparatively quick and easy to learn how to handle them. In fact the beginners' power boat course is suitable for anyone over the age of 8 years old.

The power boat courses in Portugal are taught by a local accredited training centre and you can gain qualifications that are recognised worldwide. They are held in the Algarve and the initial course is just one day long so it is easy to combine them with family, beach and golfing holidays.

Beginners' Powerboat Courses in Portugal

Powerboat level 1

This course is designed for beginners who are keen to get a taste for powerboating. It gives you the boat handling skills that you will need to get started. During the course you will learn how to launch and recover the boat, the safety equipment required and how to use it. You will learn basic boat manoeuvres including starting and stopping, how to use a kill cord, leaving and coming alongside and securing to a buoy. The theory element of the course includes learning who gives way to whom out on the water, rope work and awareness of other water users. This is a one day course and the minimum age for participants is 8 years old.

Powerboat level 2

This two day course is also suitable for complete beginners but goes into more detail than the level one course. The aim is to develop close quarter boat handling skills and the navigation skills necessary to undertake short inshore passages. During this course you will learn about launching and recovery including problem slipways, basic boat handling and high speed manoeuvring. There will also be a basic introduction to charts and passage planning, pilotage and weather. This powerboat course is suitable for the over 12s. Upon passing the level 2 course you can apply for an International Certificate of Competence.

Intermediate and Advanced Powerboat Courses in Portugal

Intermediate Powerboat Course

This 2 day course is designed to give you the skills to plan and complete a short coastal passage by day. During the boat handling phase you will learn about the effects of waves, and how to handle the boat in rougher conditions. You will also gain an enhanced knowledge of navigational theory, charts, tides and boat preparation, and by the end of the course understand the considerations and equipment required for longer passages. To take this course you must have passed the powerboat Level 2 course and it is recommended that you have SRC/VHF and First Aid qualifications. The minimum age for participants is 16.

Advanced Powerboat Course

This 2 day course is designed to teach you boat handling, seamanship, pilotage and navigation up to the standards required to drive a planing powerboat safely by day and night in tidal coastal waters. The course covers high speed and night time navigation and rough water handling. You will have to execute a passage at night and will go through emergency procedures, including what to do during a helicopter rescue, executing searches etc. In order to take this advanced powerboat course you must have already passed the Intermediate Powerboat Course, have a thorough knowledge of navigation and chartwork to the level of the Day Skipper Shorebased certificate and hold a first aid and VHF operators certificate. The minimum age for participants is 17 years old.

Once you are a licensed skipper you may charter one of our power boats bareboat.

Please contact us for more information on power boat courses in Portugal. At present all courses are held in the Algarve in the south of Portugal.